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The Challenge

FEXCO needed to implement a CRM solution to run across corporate client acquisition and ongoing client support, linking front office and back office functions and also linking FEXCO’s corporate payment team in the UK and Ireland. Importantly, the solution needed to be delivered within the tightest of deadlines.


Sales ‘Client Application’ volumes have quadrupled and are Managed by the same number of Compliance & Customer Service staff.


Conor Mulvihill | FEXCO

Dublin Chamber of Commerce (IRL)

The Challenge

Membership management is fundamental to the Dublin Chamber of Commerce; however the process was not as efficient as it could be. Disconnected systems made it difficult to a get a complete view of interactions that occur across a number of channels.


Dublin Chamber of Commerce chose Enbu & Sage CRM, to ensure responsive to members needs and understand what they want from the Chamber.


Gina Quin | CEO, Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Racoon International (UK)

The Challenge

Racoon International needed a CRM system which would provide a reliable way of managing their relationship with over 5,000 national and international clients in the hair care industry and realize their vision of a Training Management System, integrated into CRM. As well as a system that offered reliability and instant access to client data, Racoon International also needed a supplier who could deliver the level of customer support that they needed.


Sage CRM is extremely helpful to the company’s Account Management Team, who can quickly and easily access client account information – even while they’re in the middle of a phone conversation with the client. This allows them to instantly pick up on any additional sales opportunities that present themselves, as well as presenting an ultra-professional image


Chloe Gardner | Racoon International


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