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Enbu Consulting Customer Access

Important Notice for our Customers and Partners

The Customer Portal within the Enbu Consulting Website enables our customers to submit enquiries, track the progress of requests and view information that may help them diagnose and resolve issues themselves.

It only takes a few moments to register, Speak to our Customer Support and ask them to enable you for Self Service. We’ll set up your access to the customer portal in minutes,  please note that you can register more than one member of the staff.

To swiftly resolve the issue you've encountered with your CRM System, it would be helpful, if you can forward us the screenshot(s) of the actual error message, by default this actual error messages was replaced with a “friendly” error message by your Internet browser, for example “404 Not Found error“. See how you can enable the more detailed errors in Internet Explorer.

For self help, please check out the Enbu Product Installation Guide.

Are you an existing customer and you have no access to our Customer Support Portal?

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