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When you marry your front-office, back-office and web solutions, you can transform your business into a more customer-centric and efficient operation.

For over 8 years Enbu’s Webservices Framework has made it easier for companies to integrate their CRM, ERP, Cloud and Web Solutions. This Framework accelerates the integration process and as a result reduces the cost and time involved in integrating 3rd party systems.

Also, with Enbu’s Webservices Framework, all systems in an organization can be integrated through one hub, minimizing the maintenance required to manage these integrations. From integrating lab management systems and accounting systems for one of the world’s leading laboratory based testing groups to CRM and ERP systems for Sage and acting as a gateway that manages and monitors data between 4 app servers for a country’s national company registration service, Enbu’s Webservices Framework is at the cutting-edge of integration today.

3rd Party Systems

Our vast integration experience is based on Sage Systems, CMS Systems, Accounting Systems, E-Commerce Systems and Lab Management Systems, to name but a few.

Accounting System Integration

Business Intelligence System Integration (BI)

Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Customer Relation Management (CRM)  System Integration

e-Commerce System Integration

Enteprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Integration

Expensify System Integration

Google System  Integration

MS Dynamics System Integration

Sage System Integration

Salesforce System Integration

Web System Integration

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