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On Demand Support

  • November 17, 2016
On Demand Support - Enbu Consulting

Enbu Consulting helps to ensure you keep running smoothly and get the most from your Sage CRM investment by providing technical and application support services to supplement your vendor support.

*USD$499 for 4 hours support service per month, to be used in whatever manner you need

Since 2004, Enbu Consulting has built up a wealth of experience with Sage CRM and other integrated systems; we will serve as an extension to both your team and to the vendor’s support services, to increase your confidence, reduce costly downtime, and optimize your performance. Use our team of experts in Sage CRM to keep your solution and infrastructure up and running.

When does Sage CRM On Demand Support provide value to you?

Be it through online support sessions, vendor support issue-tracking, performing health checks, investigating broad problems or answering “how to” questions, Sage CRM On Demand Support gives you peace of mind. CRM System health checks and performance tuning or customisation can be requested alongside questions specific to your implementation. We are right behind you should you need us rather than creating costly capital expensive contracts.

Contact Us at or call us on +353 01 867 8684, if you need immediate help on your CRM System.


*USD$499 payable for the first month before cover begins. 4 hours available per month on a drawdown basis. No carry forward of the 4 hours, must be used or lost within the month. Additional hours can be ordered at USD$150 per hour. Option to set up direct debit monthly standing order will provide a 5% discount. First month may require systems analysis to be run as part of evaluating initial issues.

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