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Sage Pay for Sage CRM

Sage Pay for CRM

Powerful Integration of Sage CRM and Sage Pay payment technology

Sage Pay, the most trusted payment system in Europe, can now be integrated with Sage CRM, enabling you to accept and process credit and debit card payments directly from the dashboard of Sage CRM. This integration is thanks to the Enbu powered Sage Pay extension – Sage Pay for CRM.

By integrating Sage Pay with Sage CRM, you can enjoy cost efficiencies, reducing the time required to process transactions and enhanced data security, reducing the risk of human error and potential fraud during processing.

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Key Features
  • Payment Settings
  • My Sage Pay – complete control over your payment settings

    When you set up your Sage Pay account, you’ll be given access to your own administration area called My Sage Pay. Here, you can control every part of your account – for example; you can create additional users, customise your business’ fraud prevention settings, or even void a high-risk transaction. The settings you select in My Sage Pay will be replicated in the Sage Pay tab within your Sage CRM system.

  • Access account anytime, anywhere
  • You can give multiple users access to your Sage Pay account, and specify the level of control they can have. If your designated users are based in different offices, it’s not a problem – My Sage Pay can be accessed from any location: all they need is an internet connection, and their login credentials.

  • Free fraud screening tools
  • Safeguard your business

    Sage Pay provides you with valuable fraud screening tools; including AVS/CV2 checks and 3D Secure. These free tools minimise the risk of customers placing fraudulent orders with your business. You can finely tune your security settings directly from My Sage Pay – your chosen rules and checks will be applied when you take a payment through Sage CRM..

  • Highly secure system
  • Keep your customers’ details safe

    Security is at the heart of all Sage Pay’s services: we’re a Level 1 PCI DSS payment service provider – and that means you can rest assured that your customers’ card details are in safe hands. Every transaction is processed in a maximum security environment, and under the safest data storage conditions.

  • Multiple payment options
  • Give your customers payment options

    Be flexible with your customers –let them choose how they pay you.

    Sage Pay’s payment system supports as standard: processing of Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. You can even open your business to more online shoppers – by offering PayPal as a payment option to your customers. And remember, your customers can pay you over the phone, via the secure web portal or even via their mobile device.

  • Free 24/7 support
  • Any time of day or night

    Whatever your business hours, Sage Pay’s expert support team is on call to help you solve any issues. Our UK-based team is available via phone or email, 24/7.

    A comprehensive, easy to use payment solution

    Sage Pay enables you to securely process card payments from your customers; online or over the phone. Sage Pay is simple to manage and has a transparent pricing structure with no annual charges.

    Fraud Screening Best Practice Guide

    If you have a transaction that looks fraudulent but you’re not sure – then review this guide for helpful indicators and clear explanations of the fraud rules that are available to you.

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